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Information for 2019:

As part of providing a full programme of activities to meet curriculum requirements and enhance the curriculum for students at WGC, the school has traditionally provided a range of resources and activities for which parents have made payment. Rulings by the Ombudsman and the Inland Revenue Department have resulted in some new rules around how these costs must be described.

When ordering stationery and other resources for your daughter this year, you will notice that some items are marked as “Voluntary Contribution” and others as “Optional”.

Voluntary Contributions are items:

  • that the school provides as part of the curriculum
  • for which the school cannot require payment from parents.
Parents can choose whether or not to pay for these items. Regardless of payment, all students enrolled in the subject will be given access to the item. However in the event that a significant number of parents choose not to pay for these items, the school will experience a shortfall in funding. Voluntary Contributions are classed as a donation and qualify for a tax donation credit rebate.

Optional items are items:

  • that the school provides as an enhancement to the curriculum
  • for which the school does not receive funding from the Ministry of Education
  • for which the school can require payment before a student can participate in the activity or access the item.
Non-payment of optional items means that your daughter will not participate in the activity or receive the resource. In those cases, the school will provide an alternative option to ensure that your daughter still receives the curriculum requirements (e.g. a classroom based activity, rather than going on a field trip).

During the final step of this process, you will be given instructions on how you can pay by internet banking, cheque, or credit/debit/EFTPOS card.

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Freepost 3721
Wellington Girls' College Accounts
PO Box 12-471
Wellington North 6144

Alternatively, it may be deposited in the Drop Box in the Atrium.

To pay by credit or debit card, please contact Maree Foster on 472-5743.
To pay by EFTPOS, please visit the accounts office.

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